Working Women’s Closet

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Working Women’s Closet

What is Working Women’s Closet?

Working Women’s Closet, provided by the YWCA of Westmoreland County,
is an opportunity for you to receive clothing to help you succeed in the workplace.

How does it work?

Working Women’s Closet will provide one free interview outfit to any woman who is changing careers, graduating from high school or college or re-entering the workforce from welfare or job training programs. Clients are assisted by a trained, volunteer shopper. After obtaining employment, the client may return for additional work clothes by using a voucher redeemable for work-appropriate clothing at the shop. Appointments are available by contacting the Thrift Shop at 724-834-4339.

You could be eligible for a referral to Working Women’s Closet if you:

Get a job that requires you to wear clothing that you do not already have, or going for training and the training facility requires you to wear a specific type of clothing or dress code, or looking for work and need interview clothes and additional items including:

  • Shoes
  • Hosiery and undergarments
  • Accessories
  • Hair and make-up tips

What do I need to do?

You will need a referral, preferable from another working professional, a Case Worker, Teacher/Professor, or Clergy.  They will need to call the Thrift Shop at 724-834-4339 and tell them that they have a referral for the Working Women’s Closet.  They need to set up an appointment for you and let them know that you need assistance with the clothing to go on a job interview; accept a job or participate in training.

At your scheduled appointment time, arrive at the YWCA Thrift Shop to meet with a personal clothing consultant. She will help you select interview clothes, or the specific type of clothing that you need for training or employment. You will look your very best on the job or as you attend training to prepare for work.