Facility Rentals

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The YWCA’s historical Huff Mansion, located at 424 N. Main St., Greensburg, PA, in Westmoreland County, is an exceptionally beautiful place to host your next event. We offer two venues for wedding showers, baby showers, weddings,  parties, family gatherings, corporate events & meetings. Call 724-834-9390, Ext. 116 for information or to book a date.

Please note: to guarantee your event date, you must sign a rental contract and pay your deposit at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. Without a contract and deposit, your rental is not valid and the room may be booked by another party.

Facility Features:

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen for your Caterer
  • Beautiful Portico and Porch
  • Elegant Spiral Staircase
  • Perfect Venue for Showers, Parties, Family Gatherings and Meetings

and for our business community the main building provides:

  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Podium and Microphone Access
  • Projector Screens and/or Dry Erase Boards for your Presentations (arrangements must be made prior to the event date)

Rental Fees:

  • Daytime Rates = during YWCA normal business hours.
  • 2 hour minimum on all rentals.

Living Room / Library

  • Daytime Rates $35 per hour
  • Early Morning, Evening, and Weekend Rates per $40 per hour

Mansion 1st Floor  (Living Room, Library, Dining Room, Kitchen)

  • Daytime Rates $45 per hour
  • Early Morning, Evening, and Weekend Rates $55 per hour

Founder’s Room

  • Daytime Rates $50 per hour
  • Early Morning, Evening, and Weekend Rates $60 per hour

Founder’s Room & Mansion 1st Floor

  • Daytime Rates $65 per hour
  • Early Morning, Evening, and Weekend Rates $80 per hour

Services – all available upon request

  • Projector – $20
  • Coffee Service – $15
  • Table Coverings-  $3 (small); $4 (large)

Receptionist Fee

  • $17 per hour for every hour of the rental.
  • This is mandatory as it pertains to your safety during the rental. The receptionist will be your hostess during your event and will provide guests with access to the building, answer questions, and help with set-up as needed.


The Living Room and Library will comfortably seat up to 40 guests, while the Founder’s Room seats up to 90 people.


The YWCA has 6’ banquet tables, 3′ square tables and chairs available for your event. A floor plan and seating arrangement should be provided to the YWCA prior to the event for set-up. The furniture in the mansion are original pieces and we ask that renters do not move or rearrange furniture without permission.

Set Up & Decorating

For your convenience arrangements may be made with the YWCA and Receptionist to arrive early on the day of the event to decorate. Please make this arrangement at least 7 days before the event.  If additional time is needed, the Rental Manager may be able to provide time for you to come in the business day prior to the event for setting up and decorating. This will be during regular business hours.

Special Event Portraits

Arrangements may be made with the YWCA to use the Mansion as a backdrop for wedding, prom, graduation, family and special events portraits. These must be done during regular business hours unless special arrangements are made. There is a $25 fee for use of the mansion as a backdrop.


The YWCA does not provide catering but can suggest several caterers within the area. We do provide a fully equipped kitchen that may be used by the caterer and/or renters.


Alcoholic beverages for private consumption are allowed and the liability becomes the responsibility of the group and/or organization renting the facility as per rental contract.


Tobacco-use of any kind and open flames are prohibited within the building at the YWCA.


Parking is available on the premises of the mansion. Additional parking can be arranged, if needed, for larger events.

Call at 724-834-9390 to book your business meeting or event.



History of the Huff Mansion