Kids Power Karate

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Kids Power Karate

The Kids Power Karate Program offers traditional martial arts training to children ages 6 through 12 and emphasizes self-defense, physical fitness, conflict resolution, teamwork, and anti-kidnapping techniques.

This program is designed specifically for children and teaches prevention first. It does not promote active aggressiveness but teaches children to respect themselves, others and the skills they learn.

Karate boy punching the air

This introductory program to traditional Tang Soo Do has been commended by many communities, law enforcement personnel, teachers and parents for the positive impact it has on children. It is over a 20-year proven program that is positive, fun, exciting and educational. There is no better program for kids!

Wear loose-fitting clothes. A responsible adult must remain in attendance during class. Uniforms will be available for purchase but are not required for the class. Visit for more details.

Upcoming Classes

Murrysville Location

Call the YWCA at 724-834-9390 to register.