Consignment Information

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August 28th, 2023 – Sept 30th, 2023

One Consignee Per Household

We will reject “OLD” items even if they still have tags on them. Not more than 5 years old
We reject clothing with no size or label inside
To be considered a “SET” and to count as one item, it must be the same brand and size

We will Only Accept

Yes ¾ length Sleeve Shirts
Yes Long Sleeve Shirts
Yes Sweatshirts
Yes Pants & Jeans
Yes Lightweight Fall Jackets
Yes Bras
Yes PJ’s and Nightgowns
Yes College and NFL T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
Yes Dresses

*** Halloween Items will be accepted from

September 5th thru September 23rd ****

Always remember that You signed a contract and should be aware of what we accept.
Stains, broken zipper, missed buttons, outdated, or extremely wrinkled will be passed on.

We greatly appreciate the donations that help support us!