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YWCA Rising Stars Leadership Academy


What is the YWCA Rising Stars Leadership Academy?

It’s a new initiative for ninth & tenth grade girls, ages 14 & 15. Six YWCA Rising Star Awardees (Sherrie Dunlap, Tiffany Jackson, Lindsay Turchetta, Karen Struble Myers, Autumn Stankay, Kristen Varoli & Sheryl Nunn) have planned the YWCA Rising Stars Leadership Academy (RSLA) for girls. The YWCA RSLA features four topics that the Rising Stars identified as central to developing leadership skills. The RSLA curriculum is based on the American School Counselor Association (2004) ASCA National Standards for Students. It includes interactive workshops facilitated by the YWCA Rising Stars and various community leaders.



Participants will:

  • Learn about responsible use of social media and personal finance.

  • Participate in activities to develop empathy for animals and elderly.

  • Learn stress and time management practices through yoga, tai chi and painting lessons.

  • Discuss career opportunities, career workshops, job interview etiquette, resume writing.

  Call the YWCA at 724-834-9390 for more information